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26.04.2024 19.00-22.00


Our next event collaboration with re:natura and Liebig12 Jugendwiderstandsmuseum in der Galiläakirche just after Earth Day. An evening of live performances by Xayide, Germaine Png and Felipe Vareschi connecting sound, music, and sustainability. With an opening Future Soundscapes AV installation by drusnoise. Doors 19.00, Performances 19.30 - 22.00. Suggested €12 at the door.

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resustain launch square.png



After being trampled by her army, Xayíde has risen again. She now spends her time with a small, modular army, trying to ignore the coldness of the land that surrounds her. With warm and simple sounds that may or may not evolve into a loud post-apocalyptic reggaeton, she tries to bring warmth to her once cold heart. Xayide will be performing a new piece Machine Gun - “si la tierra tiembla, sera culpa ti” A political statement, an introspective reflection. On one hand, the denunciation of mankind’s responsibility in damaging the earth, on the other hand, the self trying to observe itself from the outside. The piece takes its material from these two juxtaposing observations and feeds itself back in a loop.

Germaine Png

 Germaine Png // Colossal Cabbage Baby is a performance/ sound artist, contemporary percussionist, and composer. Constantly struggling with placing labels on herself, she is a self-described artistically confused individual, and likes to believe that remaining so for the rest of her life is ok. Germaine will be performing the piece Collective Obsession (fuck you). Through the play of field recordings and foraged goods, Collective Obsession (fuck you) is an attempt to bring the collection of nature-made and human-made objects into one space, removing the unnatural hierarchy between both “dead" mediums.


Felipe Vareschi

Felipe Vareschi is a Berlin-based sound artist developing systems, performances, and installations that focus on the interactions between individuals, technology, and nature. Felipe's performance piece "Noise Mapping" gives voice to the quietest and most hidden forms of noise pollution that affect us as individuals and as groups coexisting within urban spaces. Inspired by publicly available noise pollution maps, Felipe captured acoustic, electromagnetic, and seismic recordings during the quietest times of the day in a variety of locations around Berlin. During the performance, different sources and locations are compared with each other and interpreted to showcase a wider image of noise pollution beyond the single data point of “traffic noise.” The performance oscillates between moments of raw playback of these recordings and passages where these recordings are augmented, modified and stripped to their single component frequencies to showcase the artist’s interpretation of what it means to navigate the rich social fabric of a city when it is submerged completely by noise.


Future Soundscapes AV installation

Steve Williams aka drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of Berlin Modular Society and is curator of drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno. drusnoise also releases and performs experimental sound art works incorporating field recordings, sonified climate change data, and feedback loops. Known in the outside world as Dr. Steve Williams, his academic work includes conducting and publishing research on sustainable energy transition in Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

In collaboration with re:natura, Libieg12, Jugendwiderstandsmuseum in der Galiläakirche
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